The What's Underneath Project

Watch out Dove… The What's Underneath Project by StyleLikeU gets really intimate with women and their body image. StyleLikeU was created by a mother & daughter team to celebrate the individualist style in a culture that they feel is surprised by high fashion and twiggy-like girls. I really love that at the end of each video, they ask the person to finish the sentence "in your body is the best place to be because…" Check it out for yourself STYLELIKEU… careful, you may get sucked in watching a llllll the videos! Get inspired today!

In this What's Underneath episode, StyleLikeU cofounder Elisa Goodkind, shares her lifelong struggle with being misunderstood. Due to her style, she's been thought of as a bad mom, stand-offish, and a witch. At her core, though, is an intensely caring soul, whose drive for truth starts and ends with her two greatest teachers: her daughter and business partner, Lily Mandelbaum, and her son, Louis Mandelbaum.