Summer Goals

Two of my favorite bloggers filled out a little summer goals & dreams. Bleubird first, and DesignLoveFest second. With this new space it's easy to fall back into my forgetful blogging habits, but not yet. I want to make this something special!

Eating / I am always trying to eat healthier, but my new challenge is avoiding the fresh baked cookies at work. Everyday at 2:30โ€ฆ seriously!? It's really hard to say no to those gooey treats!
Drinking / Yogi raspberry passion tea
Practicing / Patience
Mastering / A positive attitude
Learning / Trying to learn this whole web-design thaaang.
Trying / To do yoga
Playing / Music. At work, in my car, at the gymโ€ฆ I'm trying to prep for the Firefly music fest in two weeks!
Finishing / A few fun projects at work.
Reading / Finishing up the Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - really good!
Remembering / My dancing days. This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of my lovely dance teacher taking over the studio and putting together some jaw-dropping performances! Can't wait to see those ladies tomorrow!
Wearing / Summer dresses galore!
Cooking / I really need to grill more this summer - Less meals out, more on my deck!
Working / Hoping to pull this website together successfully in the next few weeks.
Traveling / Delaware and Wyoming this summer!
Wanting / To go abroad this summerโ€ฆ