Friends & the Fourth

The last weekend in June, my roommates and college friends met up at a family lake house in Michigan. We took the boat out, sat around in the sun and finally had some time to all catch up on each others' life. Oh and, of course, some good-ole fashioned Beer Olympics were included! I don't think we actually finished thoughโ€ฆ So there is currently no winning team. We also celebrate Margaret & Sam's 25th birthdays! Just one more roommates' quarter century to celebrate... This July! YAY!

Then came the long weekend of the Fourth of July. This, next to Halloween, is one of Derek's favorite Holidays! He has had a big party the past two years we've celebrated together. He really goes all outโ€ฆ fancy drinks, American themed food, jorts and all! This year's drink of choice were Fireworks daiquiris (recipe found here). They were delicious! We had great weather and ended the evening by the fire pit. Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth as well!


Tomorrow, Derek and I will meet my family in Jackson Hole, WY! We'll be on a ranch for the next week! I'll get some much needed family time :)