Gatsby Ballet Review

Sooo going to see a dance performance always makes me wish I pursued a career in dance… then I remember what it takes to be a dancer today and am reminded I am so not cut out for it. Sad face. Let's be real – I am not good that not good. I'll stick to my weekly classes that bring me the best form of stress relief and joy ever!

The Great Gatsby Ballet was nothing short of fantastic. I love seeing a book (play and movie in this case) come to life without words. Beautiful extensions and leaps create emotion on stage and it's wonderful. The music was fun and the costumes were a perfect mix of 20's and costume. The hair styles were spot on and I have no idea how all those bobby pins stayed in place for two hours!

Derek asked me what my favorite dance was… How can I pick?! I'm already incredibly indecisive and now I have to pick a favorite scene out of the party dancing piece, the duets, the solos. C'mon… I like each one for different reasons… Sooo they're like… all my favorite? His favorite was Daisy and Gatsbys' duet at the end. I admit it was beautiful and a great way to end the show. Go see it Columbus people!