Rio - NYE 2015

In late December, Derek and I met our friends Catie & Joe in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the New Year! We had the most infuriating travels on our way there, but once we finally arrived, it was wonderfully hot!

Here's the deal with the travel... it was honestly the worst experience I have ever had. Our first leg of the flight (CMH --> JFK) was cancelled. We worked with an agent at the airport to find us a different route in to NYC. We rented a car, drove to Dayton and caught our flight to LaGuardia and hopped on the shuttle to JFK. All was grand as we boarded the plane bound for Rio, on time. We then proceeded to sit there, on the plane, still at the gate for 5 hours! FIVE HOURS!! Finally, around 1 AM the crew decided the problem was 'unfixable' at that hour and we were sent off to hotels without luggage, semi-sleep deprived and very frustrated. So in short, we arrived a whole day later than planned. The weird thing was that Catie & Joe got held up too! Weird cosmic things happening in the world of travel that week.

Anywho, despite the frustrating travels, we had the most amazing time. I have been to Brazil before with Catie and Joe (Catie and I visited Joe when he was working there in 2012). Derek, on the other hand, had not been to Rio so naturally we wanted to show him the cool touristy things we had seen the previous time that left the three of us in awe. We revisited the Escadaria SelarΓ³n in Santa Teresa and Sugar Loaf mountain for some cool views. The rest of our time was spent eating all the fresh fruit and acai we could get our hands on! We also spent a day or two at our rooftop pool and on the beach!

On NYE everyone wore white and partied in the streets and on the beach well into the morning hours of the following day. Oh so many yummy caipirinhas to be had!! Oh my, and the firework display!! There were large barges on the ocean and the show was the longest, most spectacular firework display I have ever seen!! It was a magical way to ring in the New Year!