Bachelorette Bliss

Having friends that are getting married, have babies, and doing the whole real-world thing right now, is amazing! I'm so glad I was able to be a part of a friend from Italy, Jackie's bachelorette weekend. She has found someone amazing to share the rest of her life with and although I have yet to meet due to distance, I can tell he makes her happy and I could not be more excited for her!

As my first experience with a bachelorette party, I was intrigued to see how this would go.. would it be male stripers, penis shaped things, and a lot of alcohol. (Similar to something I would see on MTV!?) I was thrilled to find out it was  little more low-key, yet still just as fun. A huge congrats, thanks, and job well done to the Bride-to-be's sister, Kayte :) She did a wonderful job, from booking a house on the beach, to the decor, food and drinks, and fun gifts!! What a lovely sister!!

I am super excited for the wedding... Probably not as excited and ready as Jackie is though!! Hurry up September 24th β€” LOVE YOU JACKIE!!
Kayte and soon-to-be bride Jackie

Italy girls at the beach (Rachel & Jackie)

Ominous clouds...

A storm hit us hard towards the end of our relaxing beach day :(

It was a little frightening as we scrambled off the beach to head back to the house....

at the same time, it was so beautiful I had to stop to snap pictures!

Bachelorette games begin 

fancy drinks

accompanied by fancy appetizers 

welcome to your party Jackie!

Another fun little game β€” we had to kiss him blind folded and sign next to our kiss!

Lovely Italy ladies, Danielle and Makaela gave Jackie a panty line with an adorable little poem!
It was one of my favorite gifts!! Cute idea girls :)

and of course there was dancing... I swear we all were and not just Jackie and her best friend! haha