Good Coffee, Better Company

Eggs Benedict (minus the hollandaise sauce) @SideBar in Dayton
ps. Side Bar will be coming to Columbus to soon ((can't wait!!))
There is only one thing better than iced coffee on a summer sunday... Great conversation with a side of iced coffee! That is exactly what I needed when I visited my friend Kelsey in Dayton (@SideBar)! We always have a thousand things to talk about and her being in Dayton makes it more convenient for us to meet and catch-up as opposed to talking on the phone. She's got a million and one things going on in her life so I love listening about all of her projects, ideas, and inspirations! She was in the graphic design program with me and is also a recent graduate of the University of Dayton. She is currently working at Crown Partners ( doing some awesome design work!
Cheers to lattes and macbooks :)