Bold Colors

The weekend is so close and I haven't blogged in almost a week! I am especially excited about this weekend because it's my friend's wedding :) I went to her bachelorette party and blogged about it then — so I cannot wait to take a thousand pictures this weekend and blog about it monday! I'm so excited for her and I know it will be beautiful!

I did these funky nails last week after seeing them on pintrest! I feel like it was an attempt to keep a little bit of summer alive. Don't get me wrong I love love the fall more than anything... but this weather has had me frustrated with what to wear! It's been raining a lot and has been 60-something, which is weird because it's generally warm in Ohio until the end of September/beginning of October.

Anyways, maybe I should redo these bold colors for the wedding considering I have yet to chose a dress! Yikes!!