I love love

This weekend was one of my favorite weekends in a long time... I got to see a good friend incredibly happy and my lovely friends I made abroad in Italy in 2009. Although it has been over 2 years since most of us have been together, it was like we never left each other. Such a unique and special bond that we share from our experiences and adventures abroad, it's truly amazing! The lovely lady that made this all happen was Jackie β€” she got married this weekend!!! Eeek!! It's still unreal, as she is my first friend to get married, but I am so so happy for her. She looked stunning in her dress, honestly one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen! The reception was beautiful as well, and so much fun!! Danielle, Rachel, Sydney, MaKaela, Kenny, Nick, Kevin, and I were of course the first group on the dance floor and the last ones to leave! We all had too much fun and I was so sad to leave this morning... 
I miss them all already!!

Italy girls in charge of the honeymoon suite 

I think we did good :)


Danielle and I

Kenny and I

Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Clark

Jackie and Aaron- First dance

Sydney, Rachel, and Makaela

Kenny, Kevin, and Nick

Father/daughter dance

Italy crew... being italy crew (typical)


ain't she beautiful!!!

Rachel and gorgeous bride, Jackie

and after the wedding... we made kenny beautiful!!

Pin-striaght & new look :) hahahah

Congratulations Jackie and Aaron! The wedding was beautiful and I wish you two the utmost happiness in life and marriage! Aaron, welcome to our "italian family" we love you already for how happy you make our Jackie (Gabbana)!