Busy Weekend

Move in weekend was a success! Well, minus a few dirty blinds, and an unfinished bathroom. Other than that, I am so glad to be at the new place and aside from moving, it was an eventful weekend all around! My good friend Catie came up from Cinci to be my mom/boyfriend and help me move! I am so grateful for my friends... and this weekend I was especially grateful for her :) I also did a lot of things I wouldn't have done with out her there... like hanging a rod in my closet for extra clothes, thrifting some cheap frames and a table to spray paint, and eating at Bodega and Marcella's! Oh yeah β€” and I can't forget to mention the fall flea!! My first time at a flea market like that, with vintage clothes, little plants, and antiques. 
It was the perfect sunday afternoon.

Catie bought this awesome red scarf from my co-worker, Keli's booth! Super cute!

First time at Marcella's was delightful! We even got a seat next to the window... which I hear is very hard to come by there!