Dress-up time!!!

I'll make any excuse to dress up and be silly and I absolutely love Halloween!!! Last year I was a nerd... not just an ordinary nerd, a nerd complete with rock collection in hand! I stayed in character all night long and it was perfect (if I say so myself!) My roommates probably got annoyed with my strange "nerdy" voice (thank god they put up with me) hahah! 

Exhibit A
The second night (because of course one must dress up both nights)... The seven of us were various mario kart charactersβ€”again, we stayed in character all night, which consisted of running around in circles, making funny mario kart noises, and fake banana slipping!

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Therefore, I am hard-pressed to trump last year's adventures!! I cannot tell you what I plan on being tonight or tomorrow... I can only hope it goes well! Check back monday or tuesday for fun photos!!

Yaayy FRIDAY :) Have a SPOOOOKY Halloween weekend all!!