Moving day= Happy day!

I might have mentioned I move this weekend... if not, YAY I do!! ha. I moved to columbus 3-months ago for my job at Limited Brands (Victoria's Secret) and wasn't familiar with the area at all. So my roommate, Erin, and I signed a 3-month lease (near work- Reynoldsburg), so we could familiarize ourselves with Columbus! Living out in Reynoldsburg has been convient, but now we were are moving to the young-professionals area of town! That includes Short North, Victorian Village, Italian Village, and Arena District!! We'll be in the heart of it all and I could not be more excited about it! It will be somewhat of a life-style change, for example we'll be close to where we like to go out, eat out, and shop- so it's all positive changes! 
Like I said... YAYYY!!!! :)

Just a little friday luck on our move β€” I took these iPhone photos earlier this week right after a crazy rain storm! Enjoy
beautiful rainbow

and wonderful sunset behind me