Halloween fun

Friday we found out our fancy little pumpkins we decorated for the contest at work, WON!! They were modeled after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show from last year...


Friday night my roommate, Erin, and our friend Melyssa who just started 2 weeks ago at Victoria's Secret (congrats- glad to have you here!!!) were the 3 blind mice! For throwing it together that evening after work, it was quite successful! We had to saw a few branches off the tree outside our apartment in order to have walking sticks (with my mini saw… ha. Dangerous!). People knew exactly what we were though!!

Saturday we got all dressed up like the four seasons (Catie was here too!!) and it was super cute! Unfortunately we got dressed for nothing  :( and didn’t go out- but here’s the only pic I took to document our clever little costumes!

spring - summer - fall - winter

And Monday for work, we all dressed up for our morning meeting to surprise our boss — well the joke was on us because he came in just as the meeting started wearing this lion costume!!! It was perfect timing and extremely well played!

What were you this Halloween?! Start planning for next year :)