Layover {Denver, CO}

I love flying... well any type of traveling adventure for that matter! Just landed in Denver for my hour and a half layover and after walking around for a bit, I decided to blog! My computer is one of the smartest things I packed for this short stay in Sonoma. I'm not the greatest at packing, which is somewhat ironic for my love of travel β€” you think I would have it down pat... but maybe that comes with more experience. I have traveled a lot in my 22 years (almost 23... eeek!) but not nearly as much as I would like. So maybe I will soon learn to pack efficiently :)

One of my college roommates, Sarah, visited me a little over a week ago for a Saturday afternoon before her race in Columbus. We took a walk through Goodale Park (about a block from my apartment) and these are some lovely fall photos that make me smile from that day.

New apartmentβ€”photos to come of inside (once my room is complete)

Hiiii Sarah!!!

Beautiful fall colors against the red brick

Can't help but photograph flowers

Lovely sun effect

Goodale Park

Small cherub??

Makes you stop and think... doesn't it?

Just stalking an adorable couple


Pretty ivy
And now off to San Francisco!!!!