Monday blues...

I had such a wonderful weekend with my friends! My favorite was Saturday... we went on a beautiful walk on High Street and window shopped after breakfast at Northstar Cafe (yum!). We caught the end of the Ohio State game with some bloody marys at Bernards Tavern, then drove around for a bit so they could see the other highlights of Columbus! We went to dinner for margaritas and more mexican... and after we met up with some new friends on campus!!

Margaret, Sam, Alyssa, me, Catie, and Sarah

Lovely fall walk & drinks!
Night #2 :)
The birthday girls
Strong Margaritas @ Mad Mex!!
Reason #3824 why I love my roommates/friends!!!!
Just up to the usual shenanigans stealing inanimate objects from bars...
This is Brett... right Alyssa!?

Ohhhh yes. It was just wonderful to have them all in one spot again!!!
 I love you all and thanks for visiting!!
 Missing you guys already Xo