A wonderful B-day

My birthday was this past Tuesday and I turned to 23 :) 
So many people made it so special... I really, REALLY appreciate my friends and family!!

Co-workers decorated my desk and the whole VS Creative Marketing Team sent me flowers (that are now on my desk, making me smile all day long). Friends came out for margaritas and fun after work. My roommate, Erin, surprised me with a blender and we finally got to try the infamous Margi-daiquiri-screw-alotta-on-the-beach!!!! Ha. Yes I am the type to get super excited for standard kitchen appliances! My mom sent me wonderful little gifts and I got good wishes and pretty cards from family members!!

Thanks to everyone who made 23 feel extra special! Xo


VS angel-style birthdayyy

And now that it is Friday... my birthday celebrations continue... YAY! All 5 of my college roommates are coming to town to celebrate :) We will also celebrate Sarah's 23rd birthday on the 13th! So many fun adventures lie ahead of me for the weekend.. and it's almost time to leave work! 

Ps. It's 11.11.11 β€” supposed to be a lucky day... make a wish!
Happy Friday All!!!