Cake Ball - Attempt

Christmas is almost here! I cannot believe how December has flown by... Christmas is in 3 days and NYE is in 10 days! There is a lot of Christmas cheer around the office — decor and little gifts!

Charlie Brown kinda Christmas
Co-workers have also been spreading the Christmas cheer! I've gotten multiple little surprise that have made Christmas this year extra special!

Speaking of crafty things, I decided to bake for the office as my little gift! That is the one thing I am missing the most due to the working world... baking cookies and holiday preparations at home with my family! Every year my mom, brother, and I spend hours baking and decorating almost a hundred cookies... I hope they are doing ok with out me this year :( So I baked as if I were at home! I attempted red velvet cake pops (found here)

The balls them selves went quite nicely... as pictured here in part one

It was the whole putting them on a stick and dipping them where it all went downhill! I'm a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to these things and I was getting flustered as the balls were falling off the stick into the chocolate! I resorted to dipping them solo and adding the stick later.

 I also didn't have enough chocolate to dip them all so some of them are drizzled... should still be good, right? I hope :)

I am happy with the end result, but I need to try these out a few more times before they can be juuuust right!! Happy Holidays :)