Royal Factory Fashion Show

I had the honor to be a part of a new, local boutique fashion show a week ago as part of Gallery Hop! Felicia Jimenez, owner of the store, put together an amazing show that featured her collection of clothing, which is made up of some amazing vintage pieces mixed with her sister's fantastic work! She also featured 3 other local designers. 
One of my VS co-workers is a close friend of Felicia, which is how I got involved in the show! I've never done anything like it before and I am glad to say it was so fun and would totally do it again! Yes, I danced on a competitive dance team but it was with other people on stage with me... walking down a high stage in heels... aloneβ€”totally different story! YIKES!! Never fear, I didn't trip, stumble, or fall. PHEW!
Hair and make-up for the show was an all day affair and my hair... WAS AWESOME! It was curled and teased. Of course it was incredibly hard to comb out... but it was crazy cool while it lasted!
Check out Royal Factory's Facebook page :)

behind the scenes

co-workers came to support us!

Meghan & Maria (other VS co-workers in the show) ready to go!

putting on some very red lips

of course drinks were provided to calm everyone's nerves!

there's Felicia on the right, putting some final touches on the outfits


YEP!!! That's Erin, rockin it!!!
All photography by a lovely VS co-worker, Joey Bumpus!! Check out more of his great work {HERE}