Adventures in dog sitting

This past weekend I had the pleasure of pretending to be a pet owner! A co-worker was out of town and asked around the office if someone could dog sit her Nilla and I naturally was the first to jump at that! I really would love to invest in a dog- but I keep telling myself my lifestyle is just not conducive to taking care of something else! Hence why I am ready and willing to dog-sit for a weekend... I get to pretend for a little and at the same time, I don't have worry about the costs or other responsibilities that come with owning a pet!

Meet Nilla:

Doesn't she kind of look like my dog at home, Nikki?

How adorable is that little face!?

Snuggle time! She loved my bed :)

She was such a doll! She snuggled with me every night, we went to the dog park twice, and we went a few great walks in her short stay! Having Nilla for the weekend definitely made me want a dog even more, but it helped me to realize I could not do a puppy :( I don't have the time or energy at the end of the day to do the training required for a puppy. If I could clone Nilla, then I would for sure have a dog!

In exchange for my dog sitting services, Brittany, the co-worker whose dog it was, made me mint chocolate chip ice cream via Jeni's recipe! Jeni's is a hot spot in Columbus for what I like to call 'exotic' ice cream. They have strange flavors like cherries & goat cheese or lavender lemon, but their most famous is salty caramel! I wouldn't do Jeni justice if I tried to describe how it all works so check it out!!

PS. The ice cream Brittany made was DEVINE!!!