Cooking with friends

Some friends and I have decided that once a week, work schedules permitting, we would cook a completely home-made meal for one another. I think it's much more fun cooking for friends, as opposed to a cooking for one. The first week, Erin and I cooked at our apartment. I made cilantro shrimp with onions, peppers, and tomatoes in a white-wine sauce, paired with whole grain rice and Courtney brought the wine!

The following week, Courtney cooked at her apartment. She made a us a delicious feta and spinach wrapped chicken with couscous. She also made a lovely caprese salad! This time, Erin and I brought the wine!

This week is Melyssa's turn! She said she will be making stuffed shells. I don't believe I've ever had a stuffed shell, so I look forward to trying it!