DIY Jewelry Storage

My room is near complete and it feels so right with my newest addition! Over the weekend I was extremely productive and finally got myself to South Pointe Market to get a shelf. I was sad to find out it is closing in 3 weekends —bummer, I will have to go back before then! It has antiques and used furniture, jewelry, clothes, etc... a thrifty heaven, not to mention everything is 50% off since it's closing! Anywho... got my shelf and painted it on Saturday and then I hung it and decorated with the help of my lovely friend Melyssa on Sunday! But prior to this, about a month ago, I had found a dresser on the street for a cheap $60 and I have just been awaiting a shelf to really bring it all together and house my extensive necklace collection!

This is my simple dresser project:

sanding, painting, and purchasing some new drawer handles

The shelf is a helpful addition to my room and adds quite a nice touch if I do say so myself! Check out the dresser/shelf combo:
This was a simple paint job and some nails to hang necklaces on and finito!!