Part Two: Candi Cane

West Side Market involved a little more of an adventure, which included a strange stuffed animal I came across in my mom's car... why she had "Candi Cane" I will never know! And yes, these are child-ish things to do... but quite fun! Everyone needs to let their inner child out on occasion!!! Enjoyyy!

Meet Candi Cane via her adventurous West Side Market trip:

1. Meg & Candi Cane - they have similar eyes
2. Candi thoroughly enjoys candy.. duh!
3. Brother Michael decides to be-friend Candi
4. Candi says hello to her cousin Michelle!
5. Candi enjoys a clementine sample from the market
6. Can you spy Candi making a few more friends?

Happy Holidays <3 Candi Cane