This past weekend was rather rough for me and my family – – we lost someone very special to us. My grandpa passed away peacefully and surrounded by his family last Friday. It's bitter sweet for me because I know he is in a much better place and with my grandma, who passed when I was in high school, and yet its tough to loose the last of my grandparents.

He was an amazing person, so loving, so kind, and I know he loved all of his grandkids with all of his heart! He was always active with us kids, whether it was chasing us around the house, putting us on his shoulders, or tickling, he loved to tickle us! My cousins and I especially enjoyed when he would whip up some silver dollar pancakes... somehow they were extra delicious! Years later, we discovered the secret ingredient (yes, a lot of love was one ingredient - but I'm talking about a little something else )!

Grandpa, mom & I

His obituary has more about is hard-working and multi-talented life :)
Like I said, he was an amazing person!

{In loving memory of Glen D. Owen}