This weekend, a friend invited Erin and I to his mountain house in the Poconos. The lift tickets for friday were cheaper because of an annual event called The Cardboard Classic. Hosted by the local PA radio station, WMMR, it was quite the escapade! Teams or groups of people carefully planned and crafted huge structures out of cardboard. They had to be decently sturdy because that whole team rode the sled-like structures down the toboggan hill – it was a lot of fun to watch and I wish we got to craft something up really quick and try it out, but you had to have previously entered. After the festivities, we got to ski for a few hours. I haven't skied in almost 4 years... the advice I was given held true... "It's like riding a bike." Once I got my ski legs back it was like riding a bike; I remembered the turns, the stops, etc. I was a little slow though! The rest of the weekend was dedicated to food, beer, games, and fun with friends! Just a wonderful way to start out the month of March :) Check out a few instagrams from the weekend!

This toilet made it successfully down the hill...

this on the other hand... toppled at the end!