Sibs Weekend

This past weekend was a lot of fun! Melyssa, Erin, and I went to a Zach Deputy concert with a co-worker of ours. He's super great with music recommendations! Zach Deputy is a mix of techno with reggae ( I think that describes it? Check it outtt )

And I spent saturday and sunday at UD for sibs weekend visiting my brother! It was weird to be back but fun to hang out with my little bro! Weird being on campus and not knowing all my friends are a porch away... yet fun remember so many wonderful days spent there! We got pizza from Kramers and I found where my roommates and I carved "The Wedge" into the bench (the name of our house)  :)  Then sunday was spent wandering the oregon district for a street festival, which was cool because it was an aspect of Dayton I didn't experience while there.