Travel Plans...

Have you seen the Honda CR-V commercial with the 2 girls who travel to all 50 states 
and take a picture with the state t-shirt on? {check

I feel robbed- I've had that dream since about 6th grade!! Ha, ok ok, so I'm sure many have had the idea- but I am totally jealous they most likely got paid to travel! I've started my research to see if there could be a similar campaign that I could do and be able to travel the US! I've already decided that in about a year and a half, when I turn 25, I would like to pack up and set out on the same journey to all 50 states! Never fear, it will be an artistic exploration (naturally) – logos, t-shirts, sketches, or a few dance moves may get accomplished in each state... details to come :)

For now I have to get started on mapping out my route!