Blackened Chicken

It's been much too long since my friends and I have been able to have our weekly dinner – so sad! I even had a scrumptious must-try to make for us last week... I ended up cooking it for just me and my roommate. It was anything but sad though- super delicious in fact! I found the recipe for a blackened chicken with lime-cilantro quinoa (here) and had been saving it to try cooking quinoa for the first time! 

Things I did different :
I wasn't able to find quinoa at the grocery store that day, so I resorted to simple brown rice
I added some chopped, sauteed onions to the rice (cause I love the flavor of onions)
I completely forgot the ingredients for the avocado spread - so we used Greek yogurt (I think it's a decent substitute for sour cream)

 ...and voila – I call it fiesta chicken!!