Happy 20th Birthday Michael!

Today is my lovely little brother's 20th birthday! I can still remember the little chunk-foot of a brother that came into my life when I was 3, obviously selfish, I was surprised that he suddenly got all the attention! Sheesh... new siblings! None the less, I figured out how to turn having a little brother into a lot of fun! This one of the thousands of times I dressed him up and made him "pretty"

 {sorry Michael.... I had to}
Although I can't be there to celebrate today, Michael was kind enough to stop by my apartment this past Friday and I cooked some BBQ chicken, broccoli, and rice for him. (someone has a really awesome sister.....) We sat on my patio, with my new outdoor table, and chatted and listened to music. So happy happy birthday brother Michael! Hope you have a memorable 20th, because 21 is going to be a lot more fun :)