I was feeling quite inspired today to create something in my down time at work. I came across a little tutorial {} and decided to test it out. I am almost embarrassed to say I had no idea what "live paint" was, nor that there was a simple way to send portions of letters behind one another with out clipping and recreating them over top of one another (yikes). I suppose that's because in school I was taught a ton about inDesign and less about illustrator. I also preferred working in inDesign and I still do, but only because I know it so well - today I am branching out... fancy that my friends... fancy that. :)

Ohh my. I also just realized that this is really the first post of something I created. Hm. I have shown things I have done for work but I am an artist & designer outside of work too! This is a blog about anything I do, see, love, or create – silly me, I'll have to include posts about little things I like to do on the side as well!