Windy City Surprise

This past weekend I decided to surprise my roommates, Sam and Margaret, for their birthday celebration! Catie & Alyssa were already headed there, but because of previous plans, I wasn't able to go until the very last minute! So I got myself to Cincinnati Friday evening and we trucked it up to Chicago. We got in fairly late, but I didn't let that wouldn't get in the way of my excitement (you see I have this thing for surprises... I'm quite hard to surprise myself, but I love being a part of them)! Catie and Alyssa went ahead of me, said their hellos and then I leaped up the stairs, nearly shaky with anticipation and hollered... actually, Sara got a video of it... it goes a little something like this...

{sorry for the sideways video stuff... couldn't fix it!}

{Friday night after we settled in - we went out downtown to see friends}

{I took full advantage of the fact that my friend Freddie uses his moped to get around}

{Dri, Sara, Me, Sam, Alyssa, Marge, // Abby, Fred, Catie}

{Saturday we perused the city and the lovely patios it has to offer}

{Oh yeah, we stopped at a new bar & signed their very first dollar - hope to see it framed one day}

{Out again - drink specials @Duffy's for Sam & Margaret's 23rd}

 Oh how I love my friends! I can hardly believe I almost missed out on this little reunoin! Each time I see them all, I'm reminded of what amazing people and good friends they are. I've come to discover that there's a special bond you make with your college roommates/friends, something unlike any other friendships I have made or will make... it's something to treasure!