{the small area of land just hoping to be a garden in my backyard}

{yes, it was quite sad - but see the potential!?}

{and voila! a garden}

{some herbs on the left and my new found love on the right, a gnome!}

{i love all the colors and the easy maintenance of pots}
{I've been watering daily and the plants seem to be quite happy... I'm doing something right!}

It was my lovely mother who drove down to Columbus for a short visit to help me plan and plant this little garden, so intern I figured I must cook her something delicious! We had some rice, Cajun chicken, and mango & avocado salsa. Of course we also had a glass of wine! It was all so delicious and we had quite a nice atmosphere with the new garden and some pretty flowers on my little patio table. Last weekend was wonderful.

Enjoy the one ahead – happy Friday :)