So long Cincinnati

I went to Cincinnati this past weekend to celebrate Catie's new job (she moves to Cleveland this week) and to celebrate her last weekend in Cinci, where she's been for almost a year. It crossed my mind the other day that after Alyssa moves, I will have no reason to visit Cinci again! And as I typed this post yesterday, Alyssa had not yet accepted a job, nor made official plans to move – but as of today, she is officially moving to Chicago! It's so weird the way our lives change because of where our friends are, or the changes and decisions they make.

Anywho, it was a fun weekend: Karaoke Saturday night and fun activities all day Sunday. A great way for her to say "soooo long Cincinnati, till we meet again!" Looks like now, Alyssa also needs a 'sayonara cinci' weekend!
{Market entertainment}
{Renting bikes by the River}

So this little post is honor of Alyssa & Catie getting new jobs, furthering their careers, moving to a new city, and new adventures to come! So proud of all of my friends :)