Nikki, the dog

I know I have mentioned my family dog before, Nikki, but news as of late my friends – She has started her own blog! Ok, so my mom writes for her... but she was so inspired by my blog that she would like to share her "everyday thoughts" with all of you! It's quite funny actually. 

My mom was an English major and her fantastic writing has a chance to shine through Nikki's simple, straight-forward, but humorous thoughts. I'm sure most of you with pets can relate to talking to their beloved animal, even talking for them at times. Well picture this: Nikki is extremely mellow, and like most, it's the little things in life that matter most to her. She enjoys long walks, naps in the sun, lush grassy patches in the yard, and of course her kibbies! (Ok, this kind of sounds like a personal-add for a dog... just go with it.) 

She is very Eeyore-esque, a realist, an "ohh bother" type and scared of almost everything... but we love her!!
{for example}

 Read her blog {here} and you shall see!!