Work has been absolutely exhausting lately! Not complaining... OK maybe I am just a little, but hey it all comes with this grown-up territory, right? Anywho, I have seriously neglected my blog for almost three weeks now! Just a small update as I prepare for Brazil: It's just 14 days away! 14 days, exactly two weeks from this moment I will be on a plane to 80 degree weather and adventures galore. Holy moly, me oh my! Lots do. So much to pack. Accounts to organize. YIKES!

As this trips nears, it is mysteriously getting much too cold for me here in Columbus. It's October third, shouldn't it still be at least 65 degrees on a nice saturday afternoon during the first half of football season!? Welp, it's not. I do love the fall, have I told you it's my favorite season? Fall is totally my favorite season! Not only for the color of the leaves, the crisp mornings, boots and scarfs, and pumpkin spice lattes, but also because my birthday is in November! Last year I flew myself to California to spend time with my cousins, I suppose this Brazil set back will just have to do for my present to myself this year. Maybe another trip come January or February! It's the winter months that really make me want to leave Ohio.

Happy humpday; the week is almost over!