Birthday Celebrations

Last Thursday was my twenty-fourth birthday; Almost a quarter of a century old. ALMOST people, that means one bore year ((yikes)); I celebrated it all weekend long! Starting with thursday evening, my roommate surprised with wine, dinner, and a game night with friends! Simple but perfect, considering I love most games ((i.e. catch-phrase))!! So much fun!

Then friday, we planned a Brazilian birthday party with dips and cairpirinhas ((the national drink))! So many of my co-workers showed up and I was surprised by so many different friends, not from Columbus! Two of my college roommates made the truck down from Cleveland, a friend from Dayton came up and showed up a few minutes after my roommates. Then my two best friends from high school showed up!! Also- two of my guy friends surprised us all with an amazing piΓ±ata filled with little tequilas, candy, and mustaches!!! Ohhhh how I love surprises :) I genuinely had no idea that any of them were coming! I used to think I was not easily surprised, nor caught of guard; but props to Erin for successfully doing both from thursday through saturday!! 

And I can't forget to mention my Dayton visit! My brother is a junior at UD and I visited him for part of my birthday weekend! He and his girlfriend made me a delicious cake that was devoured within minutes! I always have so much fun visiting.

{desk @ work – thanks Melyssa!}
{flowers, favorite snack, and a stash? ha}

{college roomies}
{dayton friends}


{yuppp. note the faces}
{high school friends}

{dayton love} 

Thanks to all who really made this birthday super memorable and absolutely amazing! I love my friends dearly and cherish the importance of having good ones in life :)

Ps. Erin: you rock at surprises ((I don't... ha))