Rio De Janeiro {Part 2}

The adventures continued, from late nights at Vellosa Bar, to the steps of Santa Teresa, and one of my favorites: hang gliding! We really packed in a lot in our 10-day trip. Joe's friend, Brad (an american also working in Brazil), was a wonderful asset to our trip. He spoke Portuguese very well, and was willing to talk for Catie and I (major relief!) and hung out with us for most of the trip while Joe was working. Like I said, one of my favorite adventures was hang gliding; the first series of photos. Our guide, Paulo, was a peach. He let us each have an almost 35-minute ride (usually 15-20 minutes)! We were up in the mountains and clouds, looking down upon the beach and the gorgeous houses with their own fancy pools. We also landed on the beach!

Another must-see in Rio, that we did was the tiled steps of Santa Teresa. They were truly amazing! Selaron, the artist, was actually sitting on the steps painting that day! He claims they will never be finished; he is always adding and editing, like a true artist! 
*Note the Michael Jackson, Guns & Roses, and Bob Marley tiles. YUP-– my favorite ones!

Oh, and that mouth-watering sandwich, lunch at Cafeina of course!
{what? I told you we love that little spot! Oh, and we almost always sat at the same table}