Rio De Janeiro

These photos are from the first few days after Buzios, in Rio. With Joe working most of the day, Catie and I explored the beaches and the town. I was loving the grainy sand, the crashing waves, and the fresh coconuts. On Joe's street, we started just about every day with a coffee from Cafeina and then leisurely went about our day from there, in true vacation style. It wasn't too hard to get around knowing only a few words in Portuguese. It was a beautiful language and would like to learn more of it one day! The last few photos, are from our dinner at "Garota de Ipanem" ((translation The Girl from Ipanema)). A famous little spot, where the song was written by Vinicius de MoraesIt was by far one of my favorite authentic Brazilian meals! The steak cooked on a hot plate that sat at your table and was accompanied with rice, beans, and a flour-like crispy dish that you coated your steak with.