At the office, almost everyone makes, bakes, or creates a little something for fellow co-workers ((ok so some people buy stuff as well - but hey, Christmas time is the perfect time to try all those adorable Pintrest things you've been dying to do!))

 Last year I attempted the red velvet cake pops; other than not staying on the sticks, they were quite delicious! 

This year I tried cookie dough bites from Pintrest!

I think it's safe to say most folks like to eat the cookie dough during the baking process. I know my brother and I would always sneak a few bites when we embarked on our annual Christmas cookie bake-a-ton. ((yeah. just dubbed it that mom, sorry)) Which, this year I sadly had to miss out on because we're getting our kitchen redone and thus no-baking or cooking until December 24th. Before the holidays, are you nuts? I asked my mom the same thing. She's nearly at her wits end, but I pray it will be done for Christmas eve, or we'll have to resort to take-out. YUCK. I love my tradition Christmas meal, surrounded by my mom's entire family. It's the coziest, most cramped meal of the season and I LOVE IT :)

What are some of your favorite Holiday traditions?

Happy Friday - Have a lovely weekend!

((PS. I made this photo with type over it straight on my phone - the app is called TYPIC - download it!
You won't regret it! OH, and it's free))