Christmas Eve

{ Mom & Dad }

{ The usual dinner set up... this seats more than it looks like }

{ New kitchen!! }

{ Mom, Aunt Dini & Meg }

{ Claire, Meg & Sarah }

{ Aunt Suzi & Nene }
{ Dinner time }
{ Dinning room dinner table & kitchen dinner table }

{ K dot C dot }

{ A boy and his beloved pup }

{ Post-dinner naps... sure looks cozy – not! }

These little gems are a continuation of Christmas Eve at my house :) Via this post you may remember that we were all a little stressed about the kitchen being presentable to the family for Christmas Eve dinner; well folks it was beautiful! Now, they have moved on to finishing the kitchen, building the addition, repainting, and redoing the floor in the living room! YAY! My mom said it should be done sometime mid february, so I just have to go home and check it out!

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!