I've always known losing our family's first pet would be tough, but are you ever actually prepared for those things? I certainly don't think so. This past Wednesday, I received a text from my Dad, saying Nikki was back at the vet and not doing well (her back legs and hips had been slowly deteriorating, we could clearly see that when I was home for Christmas). I will admit, the text made me nervous, but in the back of my mind I told myself we still had time, I had to pet those soft little ears one last time. Sadly, this was not the case. My parents made the tough decision to put her down that day, said their good-byes, and called my brother and I.

It's a hard thing coming home, without that precious face to greet me! One of my good friends was kind enough to work her photoshop magic and whip this up in a day for me to bring home this weekend and gift to my mom. Yes, tears were involved, my friends!

{ but seriously... how beautiful is that! }

Jessica Porter is an amazing retoucher, with whom I also have the pleasure of working with at VS! 

You can find her work { HERE } and { HERE }. And hey; shoot her an email and have her make you a personal illustration of your beloved pet!