The Great Bday

This past weekend, a co-worker had a Great Gatsby themed birthday party. Have I mentioned that I LOVE themed parties!? Oh yeah; I do. It was so much fun! So well decorated too. Yep, that's Catie in the blonde wig, she visited for the occasion!

Oh, and surprise, surprise! I got a new tattoo on Saturday :) A lotus flower. Symbolizing compassion, beauty, purity, and wisdom. And, I just really love lotus flowers!

Ever wonder where my blog banner came from? My first tattoo! I got it a year after studying abroad in Italy (so 2 years ago now). "Il mio viaggio" is Italian for my journey. It reminds me to be selfish occasionally and do some things for myself, to travel, to take-in the world (as much as I can), and define myself in this crazy life!