Jackie, why have you been so terrible about blogging lately? 

(( long pause )) I suppose I've just been busy. 

Too busy? Too busy for a 5 minute post now and again?!

 True. At least once a week I've got 5 minutes to spare and work hasn't been busy...

 So post something!

Just a small monologue that went on in my head today when I thought about blogging. 

I think I hit that bridge that I thought "Why blog? My writing is average, at best, and my photos are awesome only half the time. I'm not a fashion blogger, posting about my outfits and inspiring others and creating trends. So, why?" I can only assume most bloggers come across these thoughts at some point, right? Then, I looked at one of my very favorite blogs for some inspiration, Bleubird, and was thinking how beautiful her kids and how I feel like I'm watching the youngest one, Sailor, grow up! What fun to look back on those posts when he is a grown man, maybe showing a girlfriend or fiancΓ© funny and adorable pictures of himself. It dawned on me, that some bloggers just enjoy the documentation of it. Duh, Jackie. Isn't that the reason you started this little blog? I wanted to document my adventures, things that inspire me, and things that get me down. I wanted to share stories, things I love, etc. A little bit of anything and everything that I came across.

So... some things I would like to document...

1 & 2. I visited my lovely friend, Getzy, in STL for Mardi Gras weekend. Along with other fun activities, we saw the penguin parade. It was just about the cutest thing ever. Of course, they got too close and pecked at my leg, so it freaked me out! But overall, a fantastic weekend!
In other news: Getz is head to Costa Rica for 2 years in the Peace Core :) CONGRATS!
I think she'll need me to visit her at some point... YAY!

3 & 4. I spent my St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland with some great friends.

5. I always love visiting my little brothaa. 
Exactly ONE MONTH before my Spain trip to visit him for his Bday!!!!

6. Erin & I went to the Delta Rae & ZZ Ward concert. FANTASTIC!
We got to meet Liz Hopkins of Delta Rae & we hung out with ZZ Ward's band after the show...
Super cool! They're awesome people.

7 & 8. Spent Easter with my family in Cleveland. And yes, I do still hunt for my Easter basket.
I will never be too old for these things. Love you Ma for your love of all Holidays :)

9. Ryan Bingham concert. Country-Alt. Very good music!
He brought his dog out on stage and had him sit for a while. It was adorable.

10. I made an easter basket for this fella because he poked fun at me for still hunting for one.
And guess what... He loved it!

11. That same fella; He took me to an 80's themed Murder Mystery Party. It was super fun!
Meet Derek. I suppose I should mention he's my boyfriend. Yeaaaah. It's the truth. He's pretty rad.

I'm gonna go ahead and repeat one thing... ONE MONTH 'TIL SPAIN!!!!!!!!