Gatsby, the movie

Last night I went to see The Great Gatsby with the boyfriend, some co-workers, and friends! WOW. It's elaborate and extravagant, close to what I pictured when reading the book. The costumes are to-die-for, so beautiful and eloquent. The scenery... those parties! I want to jump right into the movie for some of those parties, they just looked incredibly fabulous! I do liked that it stayed true to the book, for instance, it had a lot of direct lines. 

I surprised Derek with a ticket to a sneak preview showing last night. Not only does he teach the novel, but he really loves it. When I told him what we were doing, I insisted that he must dress for the occasion... this is the era-aproppriate ensemble he came up with...
{ A+ }

Welp, my weekend will be filled with packing; packing for spain & packing to move!
Have a good one & if you can, get to the theatre and see Gatsby!