My family reunion: LA edition

This year, my family reunion was in Los Angeles, California. Lots of sun, lots of smiles, & a ton of fun! One of the first days, we broke up into teams and did a scavenger hunt similar to the amazing race. My team, unfortunately, came in 3rd (out of three teams), but we did have a lot of fun seeing some cool Hollywood sights along the way. Saturday night, when we roasted my uncle as SNL characters was by far my favorite evening! He was a good sport and laughed the entire time! Yeah... my family is pretty cool :) I love them all & miss 'em already!

The losing time, but definitely the bestttt team!

Michelle & I on the Hop On Hop Off scavenger hunt

Rock & Roll

Proud of our 3rd place :)

Me & Aunt Dini
Beth & MICHAEL CERA!!! super cool!
love these...

Dayton <3 td="">

Sprinkles Cupcake & Sprinkles ice cream = greatest combo ever.

24-hour Sprinkles cupcake dispenser = heaven!


Protein pancackes by KC!

Me: Debbie Downer / Beth: Target Lady

My Mom: PAT

Meg & Kc: The Delicious Dish

The whole gang & the birthday boy!

Venice Beach

Met Katrina from Tone It Up with KC @ Coffee Beacn!!