Birthday Booze Cruise

This past weekend was a lovely little reunion with my college gals :) We celebrated Catie's 24th birthday by purchasing booze cruise tickets for a little trip up & down the Chicago River. It was a chilly evening, but super fun! We had a great view of Navy Pier, and ended the evening with fireworks, before heading out to a Chicago bar to karaoke the night away!
Some pictures from our reunion & birthday celebration weekend:
{Jeni's vending machine is the only compensation I want for a delayed flight}
{stolen from Sam's instagram}

{a gorgeous chicago sunset}

{stolen from Alyssa's instragram}

{beautiful chi-town skyline}

{stolen from Catie's instagram}

{stolen from Margaret's instagram}
I love that my friends make such a point to try to get together each year on separate occasions for everyone's birthday. I know it means a lot to me, and I wish I could see them twice as much!

I have to add a note to myself (& anyone willing to listen) don't fly American Eagle. So many absurd delays and there was zero communication about it! I had to reference the departures board for 3 different delays and 2 gate changes... with both my flight there and back!! Sheesh.