Honest-to-pete I just found my future retirement plan!! Yeah, ok so I would need to start saving for this, like yesterday, but hey: it sounds like my travel dream come true, then multiplied by two! 

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The woman sounds... so cool! Like, I kind of want to be her best friend. Forever!

Some things that really stuck with me about their life-style:
"Connecting with people we would never have encountered in our 
regular lives is the most thrilling part of our lifestyle."

"For us, giving up 2,500 square feet of gracious California living for a 500-square-foot apartment in Paris or Istanbul is more than a fair trade-off. In place of our heavy-duty gas stove, big-name pots and pans and enormous refrigerator, we now find ourselves using Barbie-size sinks, bar fridges and some pretty sketchy cookware. We share bathrooms with one sink and watch movies on a 13-inch computer screen. At the same time, we enjoy lunches where the patΓ© comes from heaven, drives through the luscious French countryside where even the cows are beautiful, and strolls along the Arno River in Italy for our after-dinner exercise."

Sounds like some pretty awesome trade-offs. Oh and you can follow her & her husband along on their journey through her blog: @ Home Free Adventures

This retirement plan certainly suits my traveling soul!

Special thanks to Kelsey, who sent it to me - after her friend Maggie sent it to her!
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