The weekend of the fourth

The weekend after the fourth of July, I was lucky enough to head to Michigan to spend the weekend at Derek's family lake house! It was fun to spend Friday evening playing cards with the whole fam & Saturday in the sun with his sister, Grace, & her fiance! That evening we watched fireworks from the back deck & played Cards Against Humanity - new favorite game! Derek laughed so hard, he cried and I laughed so hard at him giggling away, I thought I pulled a muscle (not really... but you get the point)!

How amazing is this Coldwater, MI, sunset!? WOW.

i like this one :)  photo cred to Grace @ sunbeamsandsnapshots

Lots of wonderful things to post about lately (yes... I am still editing through 500 photos of spain. Yikes)! 
Forecastle Music Festival was this past weekend - that will most likely be up before Spain. Oops!