Updates as of late...

Hm. Not too many updates… I've been traveling, wedding thinking & planning, and organizing things around the house. I haven't had many things to blog about, but it's been in the back of head my that I really need to get back at it!

I had a lovely Christmas relaxing at home for a week. Most of my wonderful family was in town to celebrate and spend the days with...  always my favorite! This year was obviously different though. Derek and I split up our time with his family and mine. We drove around a lot and got a ton of congrats over the holidays! So this Christmas, I was thankful for my new family and their traditions! I love the idea of combining new and old when Derek and I create Christmas memories for our kids (not for awhile folks).

For New Years, Derek's parents treated the kids and their significant others to a vacation in Florida! YAY - Sunshine and warmth! It was much need :) and much appreciated!!

One of my fave's is the last one, the Burtch family cheesin'!!

{ First time sugar cooking baking' with the Wessels }

{ Chsristmas Eve }

{ Thanks Michelle! }

{ Christmas on Doten }

{ Biking on Sanibel Island }

{ Sand, sun, and rainbows }

{ Parasailing and paddle boarding!! }

{ i love the beach }

{ Many lovely dinners out }

{ Travis & Blythe }

{ NYE }