This video was upload about 2 months ago, so feel free to skip over if you've already heard of it and/or seen it, but if you have not seen the series one after the other — you must!!! It's inspiring, beautiful, and absolutely amazing! It makes me want to travel, experience cultures, learn new things, and eat things I wouldn't ordinarily eat! Check out Rick Mereki's fantastic work on Vimeo.

Terrific Technology!

WOW! Check this out- first, the website is amazing in that it's all kick-starter projects, people with amazing ideas that are looking for investors and some funding to launch their ideas. Second, the way this world is headed never ceases to amaze me... A paint brush on a touch screen?! As an artist I would just love to try out this iPad paint brush- but I would have to invest in the iPad first...

Watch the video here and donate a dollar to help out!

Oh yeah... these are UH-mazing also... I've already emailed the creators to invest in some of these wonderful beans!

Check check-ch-check it outtt