My family reunion: LA edition

This year, my family reunion was in Los Angeles, California. Lots of sun, lots of smiles, & a ton of fun! One of the first days, we broke up into teams and did a scavenger hunt similar to the amazing race. My team, unfortunately, came in 3rd (out of three teams), but we did have a lot of fun seeing some cool Hollywood sights along the way. Saturday night, when we roasted my uncle as SNL characters was by far my favorite evening! He was a good sport and laughed the entire time! Yeah... my family is pretty cool :) I love them all & miss 'em already!

The losing time, but definitely the bestttt team!

Michelle & I on the Hop On Hop Off scavenger hunt

Rock & Roll

Proud of our 3rd place :)

Me & Aunt Dini
Beth & MICHAEL CERA!!! super cool!
love these...

Dayton <3 td="">

Sprinkles Cupcake & Sprinkles ice cream = greatest combo ever.

24-hour Sprinkles cupcake dispenser = heaven!


Protein pancackes by KC!

Me: Debbie Downer / Beth: Target Lady

My Mom: PAT

Meg & Kc: The Delicious Dish

The whole gang & the birthday boy!

Venice Beach

Met Katrina from Tone It Up with KC @ Coffee Beacn!!

Hipstamatic of Cali

California was a dream! I got in on Friday to the San Francisco airport, my cousin Kc picked me up and we went straight to her class! I haven't been in a classroom since April, and it made me miss school just a little bit! Friday evening we got margaritas to celebrate my birthday and the waiter brought over one too many shots for me — yikes! After, we went to her friends' house for a party! Naturally, people were surprised I was from Ohio and were confused as to why I was visiting Sonoma State for fun!

Saturday, we spent several hours at little cafe called Redwood. The food was delicious and once again we splurged on a little something special... chocolate cake.. to celebrate my birthday (again... I think we just kept telling ourselves it was a weekend for splurging!) We walked around a bit and went to an adorable vintage shop, where we shopped a bit and headed back to her house to get ready to go out! We went to the main bar on campus with her roommate and some friends, it was a lot of fun!!

Sunday was one of my favorite days, because I got to see a lot of San Francisco! It's amazingly beautiful and standing near the Golden Gate bridge is seriously inspiring!!! We walked around Haight Street, which we were told is must see and it was a fun place to shop around. We ate in little Italy at one of San Francisco's bestttt restaurants (I can't currently remember the name). I ate so much, the ride back to Sonoma was very uncomfortable!!

Here's my recap in my new favorite app Hipstamatic

Thank you so so much for your hospitality Kc!!! 
I love you dearly and I can't wait to see you for Christmas!!! <3


I love fall and especially November for various reasons...
1. It's my birthday on the 8th :)
2. The leaves change more in Nov. than October (I think)
2. Thanksgiving (yummy food!!!) & family fun
3. People start decorating for Christmas
4. Christmas is only a month away

I made this little background to keep some of the lovely fall colors indoors

Today I'm excited for my trip to California this weekend to visit my lovely cousins! Last time I went to visit Meghan for her birthday in January and this time I am treating myself to visit Kc in Sonoma (where she goes to school) for my birthdayy!!! Super excited!! :)

(but they're out of my price range) — how cute are they!?

Found here

Venice at Sunset

One of the greatest shops for jewelry close to Venice Beach — a great find for styles, colors, and variations 

Ciao Ciao

Wishing I had bought one of these little guys :)

If you're not carrying your camera around in Venice... you miss out on a lot!

Missing my week stay in Los Angeles! I hope to return soon!

Happy Birthday

Dollar store decorations, and some creativity make for a perfect foundation
to enjoy a fancy birthday bash at home!

Birthday Girl, my lovely cousin Meghan

Meg & I

I visited my cousin in January for my Christmas break, senior year. It was an amazing time and I am in love with California, my heart knows that I will one day live out near the beaches of San Diego with some of the most colorful sunsets I have ever witnessed! Thank you Meg, for a wonderful visit! I'm glad we could celebrate your 23rd together! Much love Xo